Preparing tables

Each table should be numbered and cited in sequence using Arabic numerals (i.e. Table 1, 2, 3 etc.). Tables should also have a title (above the table) that summarizes the whole table; it should be no longer than 15 words. Detailed legends may then follow, but they should be concise. Tables should always be cited in text in consecutive numerical order.

Smaller tables considered to be integral to the manuscript can be pasted into the end of the document text file, in A4 portrait or landscape format. These will be typeset and displayed in the final published form of the article. Such tables should be formatted using the ‘Table object’ in a word processing program to ensure that columns of data are kept aligned when the file is sent electronically for review; this will not always be the case if columns are generated by simply using tabs to separate text. Columns and rows of data should be made visibly distinct by ensuring that the borders of each cell display as black lines. Commas should not be used to indicate numerical values. Color and shading may not be used; parts of the table can be highlighted using symbols or bold text, the meaning of which should be explained in a table legend. Tables should not be embedded as figures or spreadsheet files.

Style and language


Currently, International Journal of Integrative Medical Sciences can only accept manuscripts written in English. Spelling should be US English or British English, but not a mixture.

There is no explicit limit on the length of articles submitted, but authors are encouraged to be concise.

International Journal of Integrative Medical Sciences will not edit submitted manuscripts for style or language; reviewers may advise rejection of a manuscript if it is compromised by grammatical errors. Authors are advised to write clearly and simply, and to have their article checked by colleagues before submission. In-house copyediting will be minimal. Non-native speakers of English may choose to make use of a copy editing service.

Help and advice on Manuscript preparation:

International Journal of Integrative Medical Sciences Provides the paid services upon the request by author cost of manuscript preparation will be informed to the author.


Abbreviations should be used as sparingly as possible. They should be defined when first used and a list of abbreviations can be provided following the main manuscript text.


– Article should be typed with a Font: Arial Font size: 12

– Please use double line spacing

– Type the text unjustified, without hyphenating words at line breaks

– Use hard returns only to end headings and paragraphs, not to rearrange lines

– Capitalize only the first word, and proper nouns, in the title

– All pages should be numbered

– Use the International Journal of Integrative Medical Sciences format

– Footnotes are not allowed, but end notes are permitted

– Please do not format the text in multiple columns

– Greek and other special characters may be included If you are unable to reproduce a particular special character, please type out the name of the symbol in full. Please ensure that all special characters used are embedded in the text, otherwise they will be lost during conversion to PDF.

Publishing the rare images

Rare images in your own field can publish with our journal International Journal of Integrative Medical Sciences with the unique image id with your name on bottom (upon the author request).

Guidelines to prepare the Image article

Image should be unique with the consent by the patient or a immediate family member Images from the Clinical conditions, Radiological images with brief note on that and also need to mention details such as the date, place with covering letter and authorship/contributors acknowledgement.

Brief Note Preparation guidelines for Image

It is mandatory to mention the unique features of the case as well as image with available literature. Brief note should be self-explanatory to the image file.

Acceptance of the Image

As per the policy of the journal, based on the reviewer comments, the editorial board will accepts the image.

Processing & Publication charges

There will be no processing charges and Publication charges will be informed to author based on the editorial board decision, refer to the publication charges.

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